WOULD YOU LIKE ICE WITH THAT? (Shropshire carp) – Blog entry 606

It’s certainly been a struggle on the fishing front for many UK anglers so far this year. With most stillwaters frozen solid for a good week or so in my area of the country, I welcomed the slight raise in temperature and looked forward to getting out on one of my favourite winter venues. Seggy Pool is on the Kinver Freeliners ticket and is excellent for winter carp fishing. Even in the harshest of conditions I have never blanked, but this time I would surely put that to the test.

The carp don't go big, you can only catch what's in there
Not big but you can only catch what’s in there

Just two days before the entire lake was covered with a layer of ice, and even on the morning I arrived, there were still patches on the far side. Even though these disappeared during the day, it meant that just like ice melts in your drink the reality is that in the process it lowers the temperature. As you can see from the video though, not only did I catch but I also had the luxury of a couple of hook-pulls.

A very enjoyable day carp fishing
A very enjoyable day carp fishing

All the fish were caught on SBS lobworm pop-ups. I fished over lobworm pellets and free boilie offerings so a real co-ordinated bait approach. The big thing is to have confidence in your bait and although faith in itself won’t put anything on the bank, it certainly makes a difference to how you fish. Fish positively and you increase your chances and bait is a big part of that equation.

The Seggy Pool is one of my favourite winter venues
The Seggy is one of my favourite winter venues

Make sure you check out the video as it covers a number of things as well as fish action. In fact the video part of my weekly blog is now the main thrust and I find the written piece no more than a support act. It does take more time to put together, especially as I now film in HD, but it’s all a labour of love as far as I’m concerned. People often comment how dedicated I am to be running a blog that has appeared every Saturday since the summer of 2003. I guess that’s true but on the other hand it’s not exactly a hardship.  (Published February 21 2015)

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