There are many factors involved in angling, water temperature is one of them and especially important in winter. I take mine every time I go fishing and on this page I share them. They may not be your venues, but what they will do is give you a general idea. In particular, it’s not just the temperature itself, but the trend.

January 1.   Staffs/Worcs Canal.   4.1C     Mild day but water still low due to end-of-year cold spell.

January 2.   Staffs/Worcs Canal.   6.2C     Mild air temperature and water playing catch-up.

January 4.   Staffs/Worcs Canal.   6.8C     Continuing to rise, decent for early January.

January 6.   Staffs/Worcs Canal.   6.0C     Air temperature falling, water responding.

January 9.   Staffs/Worcs Canal.   6.3C     Sort of stable as in the 6s for a week.

January 13.  Staffs/Worcs Canal.  7.0C     Best reading of the year, but likely to fall as cold front arrives.

January 14.  Staffs/Worcs Canal.   5.5C     Down more than 20% in less than 24 hours and falling.

January 16.  Staffs/Worcs Canal.   5.1C    Still dropping, but rate of fall slowing down.

January 19.  Staffs/Worcs canal.   3.8C     Canal mostly frozen. Only areas with water movement ie overflows free.

January 21. Midlands brook.          6.7C     Very coloured after overnight rain.

January 22. Staffs/Worcs Canal.    4.5C     Upward trend, increase of 0.7C in 3 days.

January 24. Staffs/Worcs Canal.    3.2C    Overnight frosts and low daytime temperature and it’s the lowest reading of the year.

January 26. Midlands brook.           8.3C    Know your venue, especially in winter. This one always runs above average.

January 27. Staffs/Worcs Canal.     5.3C   A relatively mild spell and in three days it’s up by more than 50%.

January 28. Shropshire lake.           5.4C   Very cold northerly, temperature trend down.

January 29. Shropshire pool.           5.3C    Temperature rising.

January 30. Shropshire pool.           4.4C    Pool frozen, but fishable, Same venue as January 29.