IT’S BEEN TOO LONG – Canal and lake PERCH. Blog entry 560

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A couple of weeks back I wrote that I hadn’t been on a river yet in 2014, well this time round I’m making a similar statement in that, although my favourite fish, I haven’t published a perch blog so far this year. Well, just as the river drought ended, so does the perch one. Apart from one, all my sessions were on the Staffs/Worcs Canal, but one thing that they did have in common was that they were short ones.

The Staffs/Worcs Canal

The video features a couple of canal ones, however unfortunately I didn’t manage to catch my target species on either. I did manage to bank a monster branch, foul-hook a tiny roach and do battle with a pike for thirty seconds though. And talking (or at least writing) of videos, if you do watch mine weekly then you’ll be aware that I have been trying a few new things of late. I know where I’m going with it all and the feedback has been excellent.

Worm was my chosen bait this week

This week’s video is fairly short compared to some of the ones I usually do. From next week they will be a little longer as I’ve now got the general gist of what I’m looking for. There will be more variety though, with voiceovers, images on the screen to add interest to the talking and of course music pieces. The ones I have used so far, and all the new ones, will be courtesy of my wife. Debby is brilliant with the guitar, she picks it up and within no time at all, she’s composed me something.

Returning a canal fish

As shown in the video, I was using worm and that was my chosen bait for all sessions this week. I fished over groundbait and dead maggots, line was 6lb to either size 6 or 8 hook and lead was 1/3 ounce. The set-up was very simple but that’s often the best way to go. Keep it basic and then if you need to, start to tinker and develop. Obviously I fished with a quiver tip rod as well. Apart from fishing with a pole, it provides the best opportunity to flick a bait exactly where I want it, close to far bank vegetation or under an overhanging tree.

The best fish of the week

Although I caught some decent enough fish from the canal, the best of the week came on my single visit to a stillwater. I fished from 5.00pm until 6.45pm and only had one bite, but what a cracker it was. As soon as I struck into it, before I saw it, I thought it may have been a jack pike. As it came up in the water though I could see that it was a perch. But it was at an unusual angle, as if it were foul-hooked. I hoped though that the line had just wrapped around the pectoral – and that was the case. So I was able to count it.

Butterbur by the canal

There are plenty of flowers in bloom now and one that cropped up regularly on several of my canal visits was butterbur. One section had a colony of plants that looked pretty impressive, so much so that I took a photo on my phone and posted it on my Facebook page with that day’s nature sightings. If you’re interested in the natural world then check out my page as I do a daily update. It’s not just about fishing. (Published April 5 2014)