YOU CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF A GOOD THING – Canal CHUB fishing. Blog entry 550

As the title more than suggests, as far as angling is concerned, you can’t overdo it. What I am referring to in particular though is that once again I pursued canal chub. As far as my own fishing schedule is concerned, although I’m an all-rounder, I don’t have a rota so that every species, method and venue gets a fair crack of the whip. Whatever takes my fancy, that’s what I target, fish with, and head for. So for the third week on the bounce, it’s chevin from the cut that has captured my imagination.

A different take on a selfie

If you watch this week’s video you will see I share a few tips, pointers and thoughts on making YouTube videos. I certainly don’t claim to be anywhere near an expert on the subject. But having made them for a few years now, hopefully there will be something in there that’s helpful if you’re thinking of walking that path yourself. The most important advice I would give though, is don’t let it get in the way of your fishing. It should be a joy not a burden.

Dipping bait to boost the flavour

I fished a number of the sessions this week with Barbel Stix as the bait. I’ve been using them (there are three flavours) for some time successfully when after chub. I film the photographing of the above on the video and as I say, check it out on the SBS Baits site as well. If you’re not aware, by the way, I write a monthly blog that appears on the home page of the SBS website. I also fished with bread as well and caught small bream, one of which you can see being returned below.

Not a chub, but avoiding a blank

In fact, weather permitting of course, it won’t be long now until I’m targeting bream proper. I do enjoy the pursuit of big slabs, and as I did last year, I’m hoping to bank a few this spring and summer. In the meantime though I’ve got plenty of winter sessions to get through. Even though we may look forward to the future, we can’t wish the present away. In life in general and certainly as far as our fishing is concerned, enjoy the moment.

Chunky chub in the net

If you watch the video then you will be aware that even though I didn’t blank during the first three sessions (although the roach was border-line) I didn’t net any chub. At the end though I spoke by faith saying I would get some before the week was out. And so it was. It was definitely a tough week but as always, unless you fish then you’ll never catch anything. In many ways, the harder the going is, the greater the satisfaction when you do finally catch your chosen species.

Returning a chub

Finally, if you’re on my Facebook angling page then you may recall last autumn I shared that I had been approached by a radio station to host an angling show. I was quite keen on the idea and travelled to the station to meet the person who had contacted me, who was the programme controller. He gave me a brief introduction to the equipment and talked about some training for me on how to use it. Unfortunately, just afterwards he left the station and so the project died a death. But as far as I was concerned it was nice to be ‘head-hunted’, and although I’m not disappointed, who knows what the future may hold on that front. (Published January 25 2014)

Watch the video here: