You can only catch what’s in there (Carp – blog entry 543)

I can’t believe it’s December already, although actually I can, as whoever coined the phrase ‘time flies’ wasn’t joking. As far as my angling is concerned we’re now into winter, as I divide the twelve months into four seasons, with December through February the one that says goodbye to autumn and leads into spring.


The pool I fished this week

The opening session of the blog is the one that you can see in this week’s video. Therefore I won’t go into the details of the outing as it’s all there to watch. I did enjoy it though, and considering the water temperature was as its lowest since last April, I was happy to catch three fish.

A carp from the opening session

They weren’t monsters, but it’s not a big fish venue, and you can only catch what’s in there. Sometimes, when the going is slow, it’s a result to just bank anything. If you watch the video I hope you enjoy it, it’s the first in a series of winter fishing sessions. Why not subscribe to the channel and don’t forget to use the social media ‘share’ button on the video. Thanks if you do.


Another fish from the pool

In fact, from this week my weekly blog undergoes a bit of a remodel. I’ve switched from WordPress as the host to Blogger, mainly because it’s part of the Google family and therefore works more fluently with YouTube. And with a video forming the main thrust of the blog it’s easier to link that in, so each week there will be ‘words and pictures’, but also a video that you can view. I’m often playing around with format, the most important thing though is that the blog is always there, and has been every week for over ten years.

Watching and waiting

I intended to start a brand-new channel for the new series of videos, but a few ‘technical’ problems meant it was difficult to tie everything in. So after a while I just deleted it and went back to the original one. It wasn’t an issue, anyway it was a shame to lose my million plus views and four-figure subscribers and start all over again. So if you were one of the people that viewed/subscribed to the new channel, that’s why it’s not there.

On the bank and on the mat

Back to the fishing, I did another return visit to the venue featured in the video. With the temperature still on the fall, I was again happy to catch carp. The place in question is a good winter pool and that’s important, certainly when the water begins to cool. Some places do fish better than others in winter and it’s good to have that knowledge, even if it’s just somewhere to go and catch when the going gets tough. I also had an outing on the local canal, catching a chub and a small common, so overall not too bad. (Published December 6 2013)

Blog entry 543 – watch the video HERE