WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH – Canal CHUB fishing. Blog entry 549

As always, you can watch the video above by clicking play. Apart from doing things a little differently this time round (a change is as good as a rest and all that), it was hard going and so with no fish on my opening session of the week, I was forced into prolonging the filming if I wanted to catch something for the camera. As you will hear on the video, I was quite positive that the fish had come on the feed. Well they did, but not as I would have liked.

The opening fish of the week

As we all know though, angling can be a real challenge sometimes. But, as the heading of this week’s blog implies, we have to battle on and persevere. In fact following a blank, my second session, on paper, didn’t look good at all. A sharp overnight frost, combined with the first snow of the year, saw a number of anglers commenting on social media that they were definitely staying away from fishing. Now of course, I’m not being critical, but the reality is you only catch if your bait’s in the water. 

A chub rested, in the net, and ready to go back

Although the opening fish wasn’t big, I was just happy to catch. If you’ve been following my recent chub adventures, you’ll know I’ve been banking some big fish. Sometimes though you’re just happy to catch anything, regardless of size. I was recently asked if I have ever had a fishless blog and the answer to that, is in over 10 years I have managed to catch at least one fish each week. Of course though, the advantage I have over most bloggers is that I do get more than one bite of the cherry.

A robin on the rod

As you will be aware if you have watched the video, I managed to capture a few bird clips this week, including the angler’s favourite – the robin. Whether stealing maggots from our bait box, mopping up dropped groundbait or just perching on the rod, there can’t be many fishermen who have not had a close encounter with a friendly robin on a regular basis. I also saw my second (although likely to be the same bird) chiffchaff of the month. Very common summer migrants, it’s always great to spot an overwintering one.

Returning another small chub

So no big fish this week, but as we know with angling, you can’t put your order in and expect it to be delivered as and when you want. The most important thing though is that I did manage to catch something, but I guess even more important than that is I enjoyed it. Without that, what’s the point in fishing? At the end of the video I give my Facebook angling page a mention, well it also incorporates a lot of nature stuff as well. So if either – or both – of those float your boat then why not give it a like? Finally, if you watched the video and took the bird quiz, the answers are: magpie, robin, bullfinch (female), mistle thrush, robin, mistle thrush. If you got all of them, well done. (Published January 18 2014)

Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUigzpr5K3c