WATCH OUT FISHES – Canal CHUB fishing. Blog entry 548

We often hear the phrase ‘Things to do before I die’, and of course everyone has their own individual list of desires. For me there is just one box to tick, and that is to fish every day of a calendar year. I attempted it in 2013 but due to severe snowfall that had me housebound, I didn’t even get past January.

A good fish to kick the week off with

However, not to give in totally, I took up the challenge once more as we entered the current New Year. I’m fortunate in that I meet all the criteria that allows me lots of fishing time, the icing on the cake being that I very recently went semi-retired. Watch out fishes, even more so than before, is all I can say.

The rig I fished with

With canal chub on the agenda this week, the first session is the one in the video. It was harder going than I expected, which just goes to show that good water temperature alone is no guarantee of fish. I avoided the dreaded blank though, and it was a top quality chub that I caught.

Barbel Stix did the business

The second session was just as tough but again I managed the one fish. As well as showing my rig on the video, you can see the photograph of it above. Mainline is 6lb Maxima to the same strength Drennan Team England hooklength. The lead is 1/3oz and the hook a size 6 Drennan Super Specialist. The system over the swivel is a Greys top and tail rubber.

Lots of fungi clips in this week’s video

If you follow my angling adventures regularly, you will know that I’m a keen naturalist. Fungi have not been my strongest point though, but after my wife bought me the Collins (black series) book for Christmas, now is the time to take my knowledge up a notch or two. Right next to where I fished, on decaying wood, I found some turkeytail, which is a bracket fungus.

A chunky chub to end the week

It was a slow week as far as the fishing was concerned, with no more than one chub putting in an appearance per session. It shows how thin that line is between ‘success’ and ‘failure’. But if you’re on the right side of it, that’s what counts and especially so when the fish are specimen-sized. Above all though, I have enjoyed this week, and as always, that’s what really counts. (Published January 11 2014)

Watch the video: