LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION – Carp overnighter on a commercial venue. Blog entry 545

I’m an ordained minister and it surprises quite a few people that I fish – it certainly creates a lot of curiosity. This time round it was the turn of a TV company to show interest. So, with a day’s filming coming up with a fellow piscatorial pastor, I decided to pay a visit to the venue first. It’s been a while since I’ve fished there, and with it being down a series of lanes, I wanted to get the directions right.

The venue I fished

Of course, I first got permission to do the filming, and so would like to thank the Kinver Freeliners committee for that. Although the venue is a typical commercial (dug and stocked), it isn’t run as a day-ticket, instead it is just for club members. It’s not going to turn up monsters, but at this time of the year any fish is welcome. And commercial-type venues often oblige when others don’t.

The first carp on the bank

My pre-TV session is the one on the video, so you can check out all the details there. With strong northerly winds coming in, a falling temperature meant it was always going to be a challenge. So it was great to get the first one on the bank just as dusk was thinking about putting in an appearance. I ended up with a few more fish, but the sleet in the early hours was the kiss of death.

Small, but stunning colours

The return visit was with Ben Cooper, the cameraman, and Rev Jon Barrett, the vicar from Leicestershire. We fished with contrasting methods, Jon with maggots on the float after anything that came along and me on an all-or-nothing mission after a decent carp.

Lights, camera, action

Jon had gudgeon, perch and a small common. I had one run that unfortunately ended up with a hook-pull. As the filming was just to produce a short trailer though it wasn’t an issue. The plan is that once Ben produces it, the production company will try and get a commission. My attitude is that if it does come off, great. But if not, it won’t be a problem at all, it was still an enjoyable experience.

The one that got away

As well as the fishing, we also filmed at a local church. The parish of Great Witley has a fantastic building for the local community. And the churchwarden, Dr Rick Warner, who showed us around, works for the Angling Trust, so we had a few things in common. It was a very enjoyable day, made longer (in the nicest way) by the fact that Jon had stayed over at my house the evening before and we chatted until the early hours. Not to mention the early start. But all good. (Published December 21 2013)

Watch the video HERE