Three very different venues (perch article and videos, entry 485)

If you follow my angling adventures on a regular basis you will know that I have fished for River Severn perch occasionally over the last couple of years. And I’ve had some success as well with plenty of decent fish putting in an appearance.

I’ve certainly been wanting to get back on their trail and in particular to try out some new venues. So with an afternoon to spare I decided to go and fish one of them. I had a clean sheet as far as any knowledge of the stretch was concerned. And I like it that way.

A nice looking swim

If you check out one of the videos you can see the rig I used. Hook bait was a worm and the cage feeder was filled with crumb with dead and live maggots. With 18 feet (6m) of water a length out I went for an approach that would get the bait on the river bed quickly.

Being the lower reaches of the river and having had no significant rain for a while there was minimal flow. It was a nice day and the first action I had was from a slug! I noticed one on my groundbait towel and again on the video you can see it munching away in close-up footage.

A daytime slug after a snack

So, what about the fishing? Well, I ended up with just two perch. Nothing massive with the biggest just about filling my stretched hand. Mind you I have got big hands so it’s a reasonable fish I suppose! I certainly enjoyed the session though and thought to myself as I drove home, I must return.

The best perch from the new stretch

I couldn’t fulfil my pledge for a while though as the Severn filled up with over 10 feet of water. Good for barbel but not ideal for perch. With a few hours free in an afternoon my next outing was to the canal float fishing worm over maggots.

It was like the height of summer as far as boat traffic was concerned. Although I didn’t catch any big fish I thought the 10 or so I did land were OK considering the conditions. I also met the world’s most big-headed man. The encounter began in the usual way, ‘Have you caught anything?’

It then led into him telling me I was fishing wrong and more importantly what I should be doing. You know the sort. And it wasn’t just fishing he was an expert at but I won’t bore you with the details. I simply had to find out his angling history though and when he told me he hadn’t been since the 1950’s I nearly burst out laughing! He even actually told me I should tie a matchstick on the line, you don’t need to waste money on floats!

Self-collected bait

The Severn, the canal and my third session being an 100 acre reservoir – you can’t get more varied than that can you? My preparation began the evening before when armed with a bait tub and my head-torch I visited the local park. In no time at all I collected 100 worms. In the wet, mild conditions they were queuing up to be snatched. I had two girls ask me if I was OK as they thought I’d lost something. Just my mind. I’m an angler

The reservoir at first light

All the years I’ve been fishing and the night before I’m still like a kid on Christmas Eve. So much so that I cat-napped through and easily beat the alarm. My gear was by the door, all I needed was to load it, make a flask and I was off.

Mine was the only vehicle in the car park, which is hardly an issue on such a huge venue. It just meant I had my choice of swim, that’s all. I was fishing with the cage feeder rig you can see in the video and I was at 50 metres in over 20 feet of water. (Funny how we happily mix metric and imperial)

Caught within five minutes

I had a perch of about 6oz almost immediately and then just afterwards I netted the beauty above. It’s always great to get a decent fish of your target species so early on. But where would it go from there? Well, although I’m always very confident I’m also realistic as well. I wasn’t getting carried away.

Bite indication set-up

You can see my bite indication approach in one of the videos. I was using my ATT alarms but swapped the 2-magnet wheel from my last carp session for a more sensitive 6. They literally become different alarms. The hangers were Nash Featherlite with the weights removed.

Returning a small perch

Well, my caution was justified as although I caught a few perch none came anywhere near the early biggie. I also had a ruffe as well. Great fish, I love them! On the nature front I saw a black headed gull launch an attack on a butterfly in flight. Although it was some distance away it looked like a direct hit as well!

So, fishing and nature-wise I enjoyed the final session but it was spoilt a little by my chair seat collapsing. Taking a look the stitching had come away, obviously not enough tucked in as it was a typical fray. It was only the fourth time I’ve sat on it as well.

My new chair after four sits!

And finally, what better Christmas present to get an angler than a Mr Crabtree book! For me as a kid it was a great inspiration and I’ve already told my wife to get me one. And if you do decide to go that route yourself make sure you order it via the link on my website.I’m giving my commission to a Charity as well so all the more reason to get it from there. (article published October 27)

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This week’s angling videos:

 Perch cage feeder rig HERE

 Slug munching on my groundbait towel HERE

 Perch fishing on a reservoir HERE

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