Every cloud has a silver lining (roach article and video, entry 342)



Every cloud has a silver lining



Left to right: the overgrown brook, the best roach, surprise chub, roach


This week the weather has not only influenced my fishing but it has ruled it with a rod of iron. Although the big thaw has started, the stillwaters and canals in the area were still covered in a layer of ice. And the rivers were running through with cold water as they absorbed the resultant snow melt that ultimately will make its way into our waterways. A lot of anglers continued to give fishing a miss, but as for me, well say no more!

After giving it much thought I decided to visit a local brook. In a general sense I define a river as big, a stream as medium and a brook as small. And small it is. For much of its course it is only inches deep and you can see the bottom as if there was no water. But as with most natural moving waterways there are bends where you find a bit more depth and of course features such as overhanging trees, confluences with other waters and so on.

I had no knowledge at all of the venue and in a way that was exciting. Although I was going to set my stall out for roach as I figured they would be in there, that was about it. Running at four feet, the brook was well up and with the water coloured I was confident that any resident roach would be targetable. I started getting bites from the off and was very pleased to catch a fish early on. It’s a confidence booster when you know that there’s at least one fish in front of you!

I ended the session with lots of bites and a few fish, and so went home very happy. I would have stayed a little longer but it was football night and so I had a game to get ready for. And that also went well, as we not only won 2-1 but I got man of the match. Not bad for a 47 year old eh! My ethos is to milk life for all it’s worth, and that applies to fishing, football, and life in general. Life is for living!

Session two saw the river having fallen but still very coloured and in flood. The bites were less frequent this time round but the quality of fish was up and that suits me fine. I added a chub to the list of fish caught this year when I struck into one that I was hoping was going to be a roach. But as you will see on the video, even before I caught sight of the fish I knew it was a chub. We’re anglers, we just know these things!

Then right at the end I hooked into what would have been the best fish by far of the two visits. I say ‘would have been’ because right at the net the hook pulled. I even scooped at the fish as it ‘hung’ there in the water for a brief moment before it gathered itself and was off again. Of course I was disappointed , but rather than be discouraged, it just made me more determined to go back and catch it again. I’m forever the optimist; even when Wolves are losing 3-0, I still think we can win 4-3. And actually that happened during our first season in the Premiership. So just like we came back to beat Leicester City, I’ll give that roach my best shot!

I’m a great believer that every cloud does indeed have a silver lining. And if it hadn’t been for the state of the other venues in the area I would never have visited the brook. But rather than being a session of convenience I have the feeling that I may be back on there again. After all I have got unfinished business to do with a certain plump lady!

Video number 4 on list


(Originally published January 2010)

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