Enjoying myself on the brook (roach article and video, entry 344)



Enjoying myself on the brook



Left to right: a good roach from the venue, another quality fish, a decent chub from the brook, not so pretty head-on


As far as I’m concerned, although I want to catch decent fish, my angling has to be enjoyable. So after my recent visits to the brook after roach, I decided to target the same venue again this time round. I didn’t need any encouragement, but the good fish that I lost at the net certainly inspired me to give it my best shot. Losing a good fish will either plunge us one way or lift us the other! Smashing your rod, cursing and swearing won’t help. What we need is to let it go and get back out there with a positive attitude.

As you will see from the accompanying video, I was quite surprised to find constant fluctuations on the thermometer on session one. This was because I was fishing a spot where another waterway joined and there was a reasonable difference in what each were running at. So as the two lots of water collided and merged, the swirl saw the readout change depending on which water was dominant at that time. Little things like this help us to understand better what is going on in front of us and therefore to fish more confidently.

As soon as dusk began to draw in, the taps started. Lightning bites and sucked maggots – yes there were plenty of roach in front of me. I managed a couple of nice fish, as you can see from the photographs above, and as I always stress, we have to take the venue into consideration. And on that front, from a brook, they were real crackers!

The second session I was Mr Clumsy. I guess we all have those sort of days from time to time. I left my phone at home, snagged on the bottom, broke a quiver tip insert, kicked my maggots over – that sort of thing. I felt like I couldn’t get going and nothing went smoothly. I did manage a number of small roach though, with the best fish being the chub that you can see above. It looked normal from the side but head-on it had enormous protruding eyes, that made it look like it belonged in a rock pool.

The final visit saw general conditions back to where they were a month ago. A few days of very cold weather and the pools and canals were frozen again – or at very best, partly frozen. We even had snow the night before and that brought the usual congestion on the roads. By the time I arrived on the river though, it had all pretty much gone. It was cold though. And with the conditions very different, I changed my approach, and I talk about that in more detail on the video.

I managed a single small roach and that was that. But with a clear sky, once the sun set it became so cold that fishing was impossible. The rod rings were totally locked with ice, and fishing with just a 3.5g lead there was no weight to take the line out as I flicked the rod. As it was I was due to be at the football league I run anyway so it wasn’t such a disappointment to have to pack away, just that I did it an hour earlier than I had intended. But regardless, as the title of the article says, I enjoyed myself. And that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day.


Video number 6 on list


(Originally published February 2010)

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